There is a growing trend of companies sending their client gifts in January instead of in December, and here’s why!

When sending client gifts in December they will possibly be one of many gifts that client receives during the busy festive season. As a result, your gift may be less impactful than you hoped. We’ve all seen kids on Christmas morning opening gifts, rapidly moving from one to the next without barely acknowledging what was in the one they just opened. And adults are the same!


We becoming almost immune the more gifts we receive. So instead, why not strategically plan to send your client gifts in January, once your clients have returned to work and receiving an unexpected gift is sure to bring a smile. With no other gifts to compete with the client can take the time to truly examine the contents, read the personal note and appreciate the gesture. Sending in January also gives you the freedom to move away from perhaps a traditional Christmas style gift and choose a gift that celebrates the New year and all its possibilities.


Client gifting is a great way to making your company stand out crowd and placing your company top of mind at the start of a New Year can only be good for business, right?!